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Terms and Conditions

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Prices are subject to change or to being updated.

Pieces are presented in a faux-leather Flamingo Jewellery box and should be returned if a piece is returned for exchange or refund, including any relevant paperwork.

Each piece of the Flamingo Jewellery collection is bespoke and made by hand.  Each piece is, therefore, unrepeatable.

Each gemstone selected is, unbeknown to us, unrepeatable. We select unique gemstones and design around the stone to create a one off piece.  We may, however, use similar designs when designing new pieces for our collection.

We try, and want to be, as honest and transparent as possible.  In a lot of cases we can name the mine or the locality of the gemstone, otherwise we can offer at least the Country of Origin. 

We will sometimes purchase pre-loved jewellery for the gemstone and re-design to breath a new life into the gemstone, thus upcycling.

We typically use Green Gold, as we prefer to use recycled precious metals wherever possible. 

We regret we are unable to offer a remodelling or bespoke service outside of FJ at this present time.

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A consultation will enable you to talk with one of our team about your jewellery needs and to inspect the piece that you are interested in.  Please fill in the form below and we look forward to talking with you.

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