Star Sapphire & 18ct White Gold Ring

A statement ring featuring a distinguished grey-blue six-ray star sapphire, tailored within an 18ct white gold round trim collet with seamless finish, defining the star as the focal point and fashioned for a classic look.  Handcrafted in England.

An asterism (star) is formed by the reflection of light from thin rutile needles lying in adjacent directions within the gemstone.  When cut en-cabochon, light-rays reflects the needles from within and creates a natural star effect through the surface of the stone.

The Latin word ‘Saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘Sapheiros’ both mean ‘blue’.  Thus, it was thought sapphires were a symbol of the heavens.

Birthstone:  September


Star sapphire


Nivithigala, Sri Lanka


18ct white gold


13.20cts / 7.66 grams