Pink Sapphire & Diamond Platinum Cluster Ring

Sri Lanka is a country famous for their beautiful sapphires and this is no exception  This stunning delicate oval cut pink sapphire can only be worthy of a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds, and has been realised in an elegant fine mille-grain platinum setting.  Perfect as an engagement or significant occasion ring!

Pink sapphire is specifically believed to calm and focus the mind as well as helping to cope with rejection for the ability for sincerely letting go and encouragement for you to build a new relationship – with yourself and another.  It stimulates one’s well-being and improves spiritual balance and emotion of love.  Simultaneously, the gemstone can improve one’s acceptance, forgiveness and release negative thoughts and emotions that block creativity.  Thus, calms your heart and mind.

Birthstone:  September


Pink sapphire & diamonds


Artisanal mine, Sri Lanka




1.16cts / 4.17 grams