About FJ

As any work of art is more than the sum total of it’s ingredients, so it is with jewellery.

Jewellery is not just stones and metal, it is the meaning someone finds within it. Like a painting, a piece conveys an expression, sentiment, and desire, and there is no rhyme nor reason why you will be drawn to one piece over another. Like with every other form of art, and love, it is personal attraction.

There is no rhyme nor reason why one is drawn to a piece over another.  Like with every form of art, and love, it is personal attraction.

Flamingo Jewellery was founded by Emily Rogers as an extension of her work in exclusive jewellery boutiques for many years.  Having studied diamonds, gemology and period design, Emily decided to create a collection of unrepeatable pieces of jewellery.  For, in her experience, jewellery embodies sentimental attachment and should start its provenance and be perpetually enjoyed as soon as it is loved.

During the years Emily sold engagement rings she found that it did not matter how many rings were tried, there was always only one that spoke to the client.  It is, therefore, Emily’s raison d’être that each piece of  her jewellery has a connection and will, quite simply, captivate and mesmerise.  There is no greater joy for Emily to have her jewellery worn, enjoyed and loved for years to come.

It is, therefore, important to Emily that she is able to tell the story and creation for every piece of Flamingo Jewellerys’ collection. Why she selected the unique gemstones and from where they originate to how they were designed and which precious metals were used to realise their potential.

This is pivotal for Emily as she believes jewellery should be created like it use to.  With her interest in period design (in particular the eras of the Belle Époque, Art Deco and Art Nouveau) Emily formed Flamingo Jewellery to embody, and ensure, her pieces are designed with the gemstone as the centerpiece and realised by a traditional craftsman in Engalnd.

Emily looks forward to helping you choose one of her special pieces.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

Coco Chanel