“Flamingo Jewellery is a language and communication through my designs.  Influenced by either a certain era or retro modern look, each piece interprets quality, style, and sentiment.  I focus on the detail and hand-tooling of precious metals to transform unique individual gemstones into exclusive pieces, and hope my jewellery, in turn, communicates and expresses a person’s individuality.”

Emily’s creative talent is a culmination of her expertise and dedication to the jewellery World.

Emily’s interest began immediately upon studying diamonds and gemmology, when she was 21 years old, with the Gemmological Association of Great Britain.  She trained in specialist jewellery boutiques in Mayfair, London, with a particular focus on antique jewellery which led to her interest and appreciation for the quality of craftsmanship and symbolism within differing periods of time and how jewellery was worn as a reflection of character, style and fashion.

In 2013, Emily returned to her home county of Hampshire and formed Flamingo Jewellery.  Combining Emily’s knowledge and experience, FJ is a celebrated return to traditional jewellery design and making involving principled dealers and traditional craftsmen.

Emily hand-selects all her gemstones to ensure provenance and places them as the focal-point of the piece.  Depending upon the gem, every hand-drawn sketch is realised using selected precious metals sympathetic to the hue of the stone.  Embellishments such as diamonds and mille-grain motifs may only be used to enhance the final piece.

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