About FJ

As a painting is more than the sum total of canvas and paint, so it is with jewellery.

Jewellery is not just stones and metal, it is the meaning someone finds within it. Like a painting, a piece conveys an expression, sentiment, and desire, and there is no rhyme nor reason why you will be drawn to one piece over another. Like with every other form of art, and love, it is personal attraction.

Our sole purpose is to instill a passion for bespoke well-made jewellery.

We tell the story of our jewellery (where the stones originate from and how we designed the piece) but we feel the story should belong to you. The connotation of a piece of jewellery is yours alone – being a constant reminder of how you felt at a precise moment in time and holding a memory.

Emily Rogers founded FJ after fourteen years working in jewellery boutiques in Mayfair, London.  Her passion stems from achieving her DGA qualification and experience in antique jewellery.  It is Emily’s mission to proffer exclusive, bespoke hand-designed and British made jewellery and re-instate the value of one of a kind pieces for the individual.


Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside

Coco Chanel