Flamingo Jewellery has established a beautiful collection from a classic belief of making jewellery; set with a principal stone, sympathetically designed, formed one by one.

Our Story:

FJ was founded in 2013 by Emily Rogers following a diamond and jewellery career of fourteen years in Mayfair, London.

Our Name:

Flamingo Jewellery derives from a motif on a Victorian silver cuff bracelet Emily owns.  The beautiful flamingo also symbolises the bold, colourful and uniqueness of our jewellery.

Our Gemstones: 

Every gemstone is individually selected for its colour, cut and oneness.  We trace the origins as far back as possible; most come from artisan mines in Sri Lanka.  Some are repurposed from period pieces to be given a new lease of life. All are selected for a reason.

Our Designs:

Each gemstone is handled with one question in mind ‘what piece of jewellery could this be?’  All our designs are architectured around the gemstone to ensure it is the focal point of the piece. Sometimes diamonds are used as accents or to enhance the stone.

Our Craftsmanship:

Our gemstones are chosen by hand, our designs are drawn by hand, our jewellery is made by hand in a selection of precious metals sympathetic to the hue of each gemstone.

Our Products:

We produce rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings when we find a pair of matching stones. It depends on the stone as to what type of jewellery would suit it best.


The FJ logo is a symbol of commitment to our customer to provide beautiful bespoke pieces of jewellery.  Adhering to environmental sustainability and transparency as best we can. Creating simple, stylish and enduring designs. Producing a collection of fine jewellery that will endure the test of time, adorn and be treasured.