The Meaning of Jewellery

This week we hear the sentimental piece of Natasha Caughey, Founder of the stunning hand-crafted range of Auricular Jewellery.

“As I look at the jewellery I am wearing today, I can comment on my gold and carnelian intaglio ring that I inherited from my grandmother.  Whenever I wear it, I can picture it on her hands which by her nineties were certainly aged. As I look at it, I am aware of the passing of time, of how my hands will, in time, age like hers.

The ring will remain fairly unchanged. I am reminded of my grandmother and her strong personality. I also think ‘where did my grandmother buy the ring?’ and ‘who is the lady in the intaglio?’. It is a symbol of family ties across the generations, a thought-provoking curiosity and it is wearable. Beyond aesthetics, I think that is the charm of jewellery.”

Natasha Caughey, Auricular Jewellery