The Meaning of Jewellery

This week we hear from the beautiful Kathryn Bishop, who has an established and noteworthy career as a writer in the jewellery industry.   This is her story in her own words:

“My most treasured piece of jewellery is a 30” silver chain finished with two chunky silver ingot pendants. Both are identical, each stamped with matching feature hallmarks from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. These pendants belonged to my parents, then aged 20 and 23, and probably in their first year of ‘courting’. 

I found them in my mother’s jewellery box more than a decade ago, and hearing their story, decided I had to have them both as a way of wearing and treasuring something of mum and dad’s. At the time, I worked at a lovely family-run jewellers in Bath. The owner, Mike, helped me source the chunky silver belcher chain, which probably cost about £5 at the time, and transformed the ingots into an eye-catching necklace. Long necklaces were not that fashionable then, but I craved something that felt solid, with an air of longevity to it, which I might then pass on to my own children.

Each time I wear the ingots, they clink together as I walk. Over time, each has taken on bumps and scratches, and odd polished angles. The best part: now, 40 years since they were made, when my parents happen to see them around my neck they declare: “Those are ours!”

Kathryn Bishop, Jewellery Writer