Nom de Plume

Flamingo Jewellery derives their name from this symbolic bird used as an exclusive design for beautiful and exotic jewellery.  Flamingo motifs are said to symbolise the fulfilment of your desires’ and their stunning pink colour is a reflection of beauty and elegance.

The most famous piece made is the iconic flamingo brooch designed by Jeanne Toussaint for Cartier for the Duke of Windsor which he presented to Wallis Simpson just before the German occupation.

However, in our research, the motif of Flamingos in   jewellery have other connotations and significance in a variety of other countries and eras.  For instance, the ancient Egyptians revered flamingos as a ‘devine and sacred bird’ and personified the Egyptian God of sun, Ra.  Depicted and frequently adorned upon old frescoes with a head of a flamingo bird and a human body.

In Latin, flamingo sounds like the word Phoenicopterus, which translates as ‘purple wing’.  According to legend, at the end of the phoenix’s career he burned in the fire and was reborn from the ashes.  Flamingos were believed to be a prototype for the mythical bird, Phoenix, which symbolised transformation and rebirth.

However, over in China, and according to Chinese mythology, the Phoenix is deemed a miracle.  The phenomenon of the miracle of the birds is a great sign to people, foretelling a very important event.  According to their mythology, their Phoenix bird appeared last time in 1368, on the eve of the death of the Yellow Emperor, the founder of the Ming Dynasty.

It is also said that a Talisman with the phoenix or flamingo of a fiery couple will bring happiness, the victory, the beauty and wisdom and help in prosperity.  Coupled with creative people it will assist in the execution of their desires and achieving a goal, which dovetails nicely with the original meaning given to the flamingo motif.