Emily Rogers, Founder of Flamingo Jewellery

Exclusive and unique design is at the heart of Flamingo Jewellery, it is part of the single vision of one person, Emily Rogers.

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Made With Love From the Ground Up

As a painting is more than the sum total of canvas and paint, so it is with jewellery. Jewellery is not just stones and metal, it is the meaning someone finds within it. Like a painting, a piece conveys an expression, sentiment, and desire, and there is no rhyme nor reason why you will be drawn to one piece over another. Like with every other form of art, it is personal attraction.

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August 2018

In a 2017 Vogue interview with Tom Ford regarding his sustainable practices, both professionally and personally, this was one of his replies:“For many people today, true luxury comes from being able to enjoy beautiful things that haven’t had a destructive impact on the planet or on other people. For example, …

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June 2018


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